The diamond industry has gone through countless ups and downs since the first century. What’s interesting is that despite all the developments in mining, sources, and global trade – the consumer experience has more or less remained the same.

Fortunately, while diamonds are forever, no business model can last the same.

LUXIEE aims to bring the diamond trade into the 21st century by being the world’s first and only online diamond marketplace that connects consumers directly to suppliers. We’re breaking free from the traditional bounds of retailing, making natural diamonds affordable affordable and accessible through our cutting-edge digital platform.

Unlike other retailers that also act as middle men that compound the cost of each diamond piece, we have simply created a way for you to discover diamonds based on your own preferences, with the assurance of transparency, quality and reliability.


Authentic, natural and GIA certified: Our loose diamonds have gone through stringent checkings and grading by GIA.

Proudly local: In-person collection and authentication of diamonds will be done at our Singapore headquarters.

Best Prices: By connecting you directly with suppliers, we let you maximise cost savings - you pay for what you get.



LUXIEE is born out of one man’s experience and insights into the jewellery industry.

For many years, Nicholas has been key to the operations of one of Singapore’s most distinguished jewellers. He noticed how the process of sourcing and selling jewellery pieces has remained true to its traditional ways, seemingly oblivious to the quick-paced digital world. This brought him to evaluate the business model in its entirety, finding gaps that could potentially be filled in by digitisation.

Nicholas then sought the expertise of two peers – James and Francis. As heads of a fast-growing, locally-bred digital marketing agency, Nicholas knew that he could count on their expertise to innovate a process ahead of its time.

James and Francis have more than 40 years of experience in digital marketing between the two of them. They have garnered local and international acclaim for integrated digital campaigns in the automotive and finance industries. They share an interest in finding simple yet creative solutions to problems that consumers like themselves face on a daily basis.

Together, the three men combined their wits to create an online platform that allows people to have a refreshed experience in their pursuit of fine jewellery, with focus on diamonds. Their goal is to make the most out of a mobile-centric landscape, optimising the way people shop for luxury pieces.