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Private Partners


As the world’s first online marketplace for diamonds, LUXIEE strives to grow our supplier base to give customers a wider and more diverse range of GIA-diamonds to choose from. In addition to the partners that you have already seen on this website, we have a select group of diamond suppliers that we consider as ‘private partners.’

Some of them are among the biggest players in the diamond industry, having private business relationships with world-famous jewellery retailers. They have put their trust on us, believing in our mission to make diamonds more accessible for everyone. As with all our suppliers, we hold them in high esteem, and so we oblige in their need for brand confidentiality.

Much like the word we have given to them, you can have our word that all of LUXIEE’s partners, private or not, are reputable and trustworthy organisations. Together, we aim to push the diamond industry into the 21st century and change the way people purchase their next luxury diamond piece.